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Der Lagebericht März

Pünktlich zum Start des neuen Monats hat CIG den monatlichen Bericht zur Lage der Dinge herausgebracht. Sie hatten dabei auch einen Aprilscherz auf Lager, in dem sie vorgaben, dass CIG alle 200 Mitarbeiter auf einen Urlaub auf die Bahamas geschickt habe. Wie auch im letzten Monat findet Ihr wieder alle Teile des Berichts als einzelnen Artikel hier auf dem Blog.

Aprilscherz von CIG

Es folgt der Originaltext aus dem Artikel. Ich habe ihn hier der Vollständigkeit halber abgespeichert. Da die Relevanz des Textes aber praktisch null ist, habe ich auf eine Übersetzung verzichtet. Danke an M-Zwo für den Link.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

Cloud Imperium Games is headed to the beach! Last month, we reported on what the 200+ staff involved in making Star Citizen were up to… this month, we’re sending them all on a company retreat to the Bahamas. As you know, Star Citizen’s universe includes a number of resort worlds, and making sure we get those right is of the utmost importance to the team.

Remember, this is no vacation. From sound designers recording steel drum music to our new marketing plan to dramatically increase Star Citizen’s budget by betting $41 million on a single hand of blackjack, the entire team will be working harder than ever before!
Since this may come of something of a surprise to our dedicated backers, we’re publishing the planned department agendas for each session in this month’s report.


As always the Production staff is hard at work focusing on way to improve the teams efficiency and effectiveness. To this end there has been extensive research into the efficacy of allowing programmers a 15-minute “power nap”. The study was so promising it led to wider research of hammocks as a replacement for desks in the offices! Of course this entire trip wouldn’t have been possible without careful planning by the production team. On top of organizing the rooms and door to door car service for team members, they also lined up air service, which everyone loved so much we’re going to use it for all company travel!


Star Citizen’s programming team will be using this as an opportunity for studying some of the necessary physics cases that will be key for the finished game. From accurately simulating volleyball flight to creating a 100% accurate set of towel physics, our programmers will be working harder than ever! (After all, we’re closing in on $42 million, and a free space towel for everyone! It wouldn’t be a Chris Roberts game if we didn’t get our towel physics just right.)


Thanks to our backers, the design team has already been able to do some excellent work on the impact of hard liquor on dogfighting over the past year; the company retreat should allow us to move on to studying the specific influence of fruity cocktails. Lead Designer Rob Irving will also be examining the procedural generation of sandcastles, a key analogue for Star Citizen’s economic system (in so far as we expect any system we create to be immediately washed away by players.)


Star Citizen will include several ocean worlds, which of course leads to one question: will they be blue enough? Art intends to find out! And they won’t forget the Gold Shirt! Mark Skeleton has volunteered to assist the design team’s efforts to create a realistic piracy system by making full use of several related concepts (illegal contraband, island prisons.) Expect a future bail-related stretch goal in this space. The art department is also charged with taking important observations with regards to potential tropical fish to add to your hangars, the impact of water on board-shaped surfaces and of course intensive studies regarding bump mapping as it pertains to bikini design.

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