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43 Euro für Star Citizen und Squadron 42

Wie Ihr alle wisst, gibt es Star Citizen und Squadron 42 nur noch bis zum 14. Februar zusammen für den jetzigen Preis (48,73 EUR, danach 64,97 EUR). Alle finanziellen Unterstützer dürfen bis Sonntag noch vergünstigte Pakete kaufen. Entweder für sich selbst, oder zum verschenken (Valentinstag). CIG weist natürlich darauf hin, dass sie keine Haftung übernehmen, sollte das Geschenk nicht den Anforderungen des Partners entsprechen...

Hier der englische Originaltext:

Discount Package for Backers


Greetings Citizens,

The Star Citizen/Squadron 42 package split is almost here, so we thought we’d give existing backers one last chance to get both elements together at a small discount. All existing Star Citizen backers will have access to a $40 USD giftable Aurora package up until the package split occurs on February 14th, 2016! Why not take this final opportunity to gift your Valentine both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen’s persistent universe?1

1 – DISCLAIMER: Cloud Imperium Games assumes no responsibility for any impact on your relationship that might occur should you decide to gift your significant other an Aurora MR package instead of, say, flowers and candy. That’s not to say it’s a terrible idea all around, as there certainly are plenty of people who’ll appreciate bare-knuckle multiplayer space combat in an immersive multiplayer universe and epic, cinematic storytelling… just, use common sense on this one. Maybe err on the side of buying a pillow that has ‘I LOVE YOU’ with a picture of a bear embroidered on it instead of the Aurora MR, the latest hard-flying starter ship from Roberts Space Industries’ legendary line of sturdy spacecraft.

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