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MISC Prospector Q&A

In diesem Post fasse ich beide Q&A-Teile zur MISC Prospector zusammen. Damit habt Ihr alle Aussagen auf einen Blick - wie immer mit dem englischen Original. Im ersten Teil zielten viele Fragen darauf ab, ob die Prospector wirklich ein Ein-Personen-Raumschiff ist. Die Antwort von CIG ist immer ein klares Ja.

Darüber hinaus wurde in beiden Teilen immer wieder gefragt, wie die Prospector im Vergleich zur Orion abschneidet. Also was sie besser macht, oder nicht. Hier sind die Vorteile der Prospector, dass sie auf Planeten/Asteroiden landen kann, was die Orion nicht kann. Das kleine Schiff soll sich mehr auf das Finden neuer Mineralienquellen speziallisieren und kleinere Mengen abbauen. Den Großbetrieb übernimmt dann die Orion.

Ansonsten soll es nicht so viele Berührungspunkte der beiden geben. Sicher kann man die Mineralien mit der Prospector Sammeln und dann zur Orion bringen. Besser soll aber die Zusammenarbeit mit der Hull-Serie klappen, da diese die Container direkt andocken kann.

Zu den Funktionen der Abbaulaser und der Container können die Entwickler noch nicht allzuviel sagen, da das Design für die Mechaniken noch nicht erstellt wurde. Im Falle des Falles, soviel wissen wir schon, wird man das Schiff durch den Haupteingang verlassen müssen - eine extra Rettungskapsel gibt es nicht.

Überhaupt sollte man für die Sicherheit in gefährlichen Gebieten eher auf eine Eskorte als auf die Standard-Laser und ein paar Gegenmaßnahmen verlassen.

Hier der englische Originaltext zum ersten Teil:

MISC Prospector Q&A - Part 1

MISC Prospector

Concept Art - MISC Prospector
MISC Prospector - Vorderer Bereich

"If you're doing this to strike it rich quick, forget it. Those are fairy tales. You wanna mine credits out of this rock, you better be willing to put blood, sweat and tears into it first."

– Lonnie "Three Hand" Pardino's Guide to Mining Alone

Greetings Citizens,

Another Concept Sale, another Question & Answer session. Since Friday, we’ve been collecting questions from the dedicated Q&A post here and today our designers and artists working on the ship will answer 13 questions for the community. Tune back in on this Friday to see the answers to 14 more questions.

The Prospector and its precision mining capabilities make it an ideal candidate for covert jaunts into dangerous space for the extraction of small quantities of highly dispersed and valuable commodities. We are very excited to discuss this unique ship in more detail, so let’s jump right in!

Special thanks to John Crewe, Phil Meller, Paul Jones, Luke Davis, Todd Papy, and Jonathan Jacevicius for taking the time to answer these questions for us.

Question & Answer

Will the Prospector use the same RMAPs technology that the Orion uses?

The RMAP system on the Orion is manned by the scan operator, who is able to use it to provide precise information. As the Prospector is only manned by one miner, we wanted to put more focus on searching with the ships scanning system. So instead the Prospector will be using the scanners to provide general information in a local space to pinpoint nearby mineral pockets, like a larger, more advanced metal detector.

Will the prospector be better at tracking/recovering smaller amounts of valuable and rare mineral deposits, compared to the Orion operating on mass scale collection?

The Prospector will be much better at pinpointing specific resources and extracting just that type of mineral, targeting pockets directly rather than multiple at once.

Can only specialized ships (Orion/Prospector) mine or can you retrofit mining equipment on to other ships?

Mining equipment will only be able to be equipped on specific hardpoints, as they require other ship equipment to be present for them to operate (pipes, processing equipment and storage tanks), so they will only be on specialized ships.

Can you describe container transfer during planetary and space operations?

We can't go into too much detail yet, only to say that containers can be dropped in space and on planets and then be picked up and stored by other ships.

Does the Prospector have a Quantum/Jump Drive and if so does it travel through small jump points?

The Prospector will come equipped with a light jump drive and light quantum drive and as it's a small ship, it will be able to travel through small jump points too.

Are the containers compatible with the container docking system on the Hull series?

Yes they are, the aim is to have all containers compatible with this system. The Prospector and Hull series ships make a very good team! The Prospector is able to keep mining and dumping cargo pods for some time before heading back to a station, allowing the Hull series to do the transporting.

While performing planet-side/asteroid mining, how deep can the mining laser/tractor beam cut/extract?

Unfortunately we don't have any exact numbers to give you yet. But expect more information on this as we progress mining further!

What size shields will the Prospector have?

It will have one light shield generator, enough to protect it out in hazardous mining areas but not from sustained fire.

Will the Prospector be modular, allowing for mining slots to be swapped out for general cargo?

The Prospector has quite a specialised setup with the processing equipment and collapsible storage crates. These crates adhere to standard cargo measurements, but it isn't currently planned to be a cargo transport.

It is mentioned that the ship holds 128 cargo units, but is that all container space(32 units a container) or does that include space in the hull?

That's all container space including reserve collapsed containers.

Is the mining laser upgrade-able and are there different types of lasers depending on the type of mineral you are mining?

As we have several industrial manufacturers, expect to see a few options here for choosing a laser that's fit for purpose. Some might be better and quicker at boring a hole to the target mineral pocket, or be better at mining lighter/denser minerals.

Can the mining laser be used as a weapon?

Technically yes, though it is not designed to cut through shields and ship armour. The high power draw, low damage and the short range of the laser in comparison to other ship weapons means it's not an effective combat weapon.

Is the Prospector strictly a one person ship, or will it be a viable experience for two players?

The Prospector has been designed to be handled by one person from the pilot seat and has facilities/quarters for that one person only.

Quelle: Comm-Link

Hier der englische Originaltext zum zweiten Teil:

MISC Prospector Q&A - Part 2

MISC Prospector

Concept Art - MISC Prospector
MISC Prospector

Greetings Citizens,

Another Concept Sale, another Question & Answer session. Since last Friday, we’ve been collecting questions from the dedicated Q&A post here and today our designers and artists working on the ship will answer 14 more questions! We are very excited to discuss this unique ship in more detail, so let's jump right in to part 2!

Special thanks to John Crewe, Phil Meller, Paul Jones, Luke Davis, Todd Papy, and Jonathan Jacevicius for taking the time to answer these questions for us.

Question & Answer

Can you set the Prospector to mine while you go out and explore the asteroid, or does it require an active pilot in his seat?

When in the landed mining state you will be able to leave your laser going while you take care of other business, but your productivity will suffer for it. You will have to effectively manage your heat and power on the laser, otherwise your mining rate will slow or you could risk damaging your laser.

Is there an emergency exit/escape hatch on the Prospector?

The interior is relatively compact, so the door to enter/exit is easy to reach in the case of an emergency.

Since there are 4 containers, does that mean the ship can sort and harvest 4 different types of ore at the same time?

We haven't drilled down into too much detail on organising between the containers at the moment. Ideally you will be able to mine as many different types of ore as you want, and organise them as you see fit.

Will you be able to eject your containers for a speed boost in case of emergency?

The containers will have a mass value depending on what is stored in them and how full they are. So if you jettisoned some full containers in space, you might notice a slight improvement in ship responsiveness.

What will the maneuverability be like for the Prospector?

It will be on the poorer side of average. The Prospector only needs to maneuver among asteroids to get to specific mineral pockets and so will be in precision mode most of the time.

Is the ore filtering the same refining technique that the Orion has, or just a first reduction step to do a coarse removal of useless rock?

The Prospector will only be removing things like useless rock, the processing equipment on the Orion is much more advanced.

Do Prospector pilots risk the chance for gas pockets in asteroids to combust, or is this an Orion-only risk?

If the surface is big enough to land on and you start mining, you will encounter different hazards depending on the location and which minerals you're mining.

Will the Prospector have any interaction with the Orion, like docking or easy ore drop-off?

There is no special interaction planned between the two. The Orion should be capable of taking crates from the Prospector though, so it should be able to give a full mineral load to the Orion and use its reserve crates to go and fill up again. It does synergise well with the Hull series ships though, being able to drop loads of cargo off for the Hull to take for selling while the Prospector can continue to mine a while longer.

In the concept art, what is the large disc beneath the ship used for?

The large disc is acting as a conduit for the ship's scanners. A large part of mining will be in scanning and finding the resources you want to mine in space, but especially planetside.

Can you tell us a bit about self-defense/weaponry that the ship has if the Prospector were to find itself in a sticky situation?

Unfortunately the Prospector doesn't come well equipped for combat, but has just enough to potentially warn off attackers and withstand some light fire. If you plan on mining in dangerous areas it might be worth paying for a fighter escort to save risking going alone and being found. It will come with two size one laser repeaters, a light shield generator and some basic countermeasures.

Will there be variants for salvage/repair? i.e. swapping out the arm for a repair arm.

There is nothing planned currently.

Is landing on a surface required in order to begin mining?

You will be able to mine both when flying in space and when landed. In space, you will be mining from pockets on the outer surface of asteroids. When landed, it allows you to reach deeper pockets under the surface that are potentially larger or more valuable.

Does the bed function as an escape pod?

No, it will have a bed similar to the one found in the Starfarer.

Will there be some type of cage/cover available to outfit the cockpit glass to allow it more protection?

It originally had a cage around the cockpit, but we wanted to keep high visibility and the exterior bars didn't match the MISC ship style.

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